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September 24, 2005



I purchased a T-shirt online.
It was designed by Okinawan Artist, Masaki Shimoji.
I had one designed by him which I bought in Okinawa, and
It was so cute and my favorite one, so I bought another one through the Internet.
The package had a cute design on it, too.
And he put in the package an cute gift of badge and postcards, both designed by him.
Delightfull! Cute!


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September 19, 2005


We visited quiet Onsen in Niigata yesterday.
The Oyado (hotel) we stayed was tiny and simple, but it is well-kept and a good blend of old and new.
The Onsen was tepid, and many repeat guests were spending hours and hours sitting in the bath tub and chatting with other guests. The water pouring into the tub was good for your health and you can even drink it. I felt my skin becoming smoothier.
The meal was very delicious, too. Slices of raw rainbow trout with flavory spice. Nimono(cooked vegetables in traditional Japanese style). Saute of Japanese mushroom. Beef filet steak. Grilled Ayu. Otsukemono(Japanese pickles). White rice. Omisoshiru(Miso soup). And sweets after dinner. I was so stuffed and could not move after coming back to our room.
But I had a good time and good rest surrounded by lots of greens and clear air.

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September 11, 2005

The LDP seems to win an overwhelming victory in the Lower House election today, which means they agree to send troops to Iraq. They like Japan to be alliance with the United States. I wonder what made them decide to choose LDP. I wonder what they expect to get from LDP. What kind of life they like to lead, and they think LDP will help them realize their hope of life? That's why they chose LDP, rhigt? In the LDP they found the light of hope? (Tell me what kind of light is it? Hah!) We'll see what will come after this. t'will lead to something like amendment of the Constitution, and then lots of army forces to Iraq and anywhere in the world supporting U.S.

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